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Introducing ‘Mementos’ - the first-ever official digital collectible of the FIBA Basketball World Cup. These unique digital collectibles celebrate the sport’s rich heritage and passion while capturing the heart of basketball fandom. Launched ahead of the Basketball World Cup 2023, in collaboration with blockchain technology company, Venly, the collection offers four tiers of digital treasures:

  • Fan’s Frenzy: An accessible digital keepsake for basketball fans, capturing the vibrant spirit of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023.
  • National Pride: 32 distinctive collectibles embody the heart of each qualified national team, uniting fans with their teams’ essence.
  • Ultimate Courtside: A limited-edition tier offers a glimpse into basketball’s spirit, an exclusive collectible for true enthusiasts.
  • Golden Glory: Exclusively airdropped for triumphant ‘National Pride’ memento holders, this rare collectible immortalizes victory.

The memento holders enjoy exclusive perks & benefits that elevate their World Cup experience. The FIBA Basketball WC 2023 Mementos are more than just digital collectibles; they symbolize unity, celebration, and shared love for basketball, uniting a global community that believes in the sport’s power to inspire and empower.

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